Wednesday, November 20, 2019

By drawing on examples examine the impact of social networking sites Essay - 1

By drawing on examples examine the impact of social networking sites on society - Essay Example Trends and statistics suggest that the sector has not only brought about significant transformation in the manner in which people interact but has also has acted as a major stimulus for global business (Gatautis, 2008). From social issues to political agendas and corporate strategies, all aspects of society are embraced and catered to by social networking sites. These sites offer a platform to the users to exchange their ideas, anonymously or publicize their views and announce it to the world. It is this flexibility offered by the SNS that makes it the most sought after internet trend in contemporary times. The term social networking is often used interchangeably with other terms such as internet social networking, social web sites, or social networking services; although all of them convey the same meaning. According to Richter et al., (2009) Internet social networking can be defined as "the phenomenon of social networking on the internet". While Kim et al, (2010) define social web sites as "those web sites which make it possible for people to form online communities and share user-created contents". The social networking sites have caused significant impact in various spheres of an individual’s everyday life including the social, political as well as economical. Some of which are discussed below. The probable impact of social networking as a phenomenon on the society can be perceived and gauged in more ways than one. For instance, social networking sites such as Facebook offers users an opportunity to create common interest groups and help them exchange their ideas and present their views in a group of likeminded individuals, thus empowering them to voice their opinions, say for instance, against social injustice or in favor of a social cause. The strength of collective action is magnified by sharing and exchanging of ideas through common groups and helps bring about